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Thinking about obtaining your amateur radio license?

Now more than ever it's easy to study and obtain your amateur radio license, our qaulified instructors and assessors will guiode through the steps, whether your just starting out or wanting to upgrade we can help through the process.

For further information please contact the club to discuss your requirements and for upcoming course dates.
Licenses, Training and Assessment
Australian Amateur radio operastors enjoy a three different levels of license classes with different output power and transmission modes according to their license class.

At entry level there is the Foundation license, this is the basic entry level license where once an operator is qualified can operate commercially manufactured radios only but can experiment by making their own antennas.

Next is the Standard license, at this level the required skill and knowledge of radion transceivers and operation increases. Once qaulified at this level the operator can enjoy more output power from their equipment, additional frequencies or bands as more commonly known.

Finally there is the Advanced liencse, this is the highest level obtainable ina Auistralia and at this level operators have access to all ameteur frequencies along with all transmission modes.

All amateur radio licenses in Australia are governed and controlled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) terms of conditions.