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Northern Tasmania Amateur Radio Club Inc

Coffee mornings – are normally held every Monday and Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon.

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Northern Tasmania Amateur Radio Club Inc (NTARC) consists of a friendly group catering for all Amateurs. Interests range from rag-chewing on the local repeaters through to cutting edge communications technology. We emphasize social gatherings, often incorporating a barbecue with a construction project or similar. All interested persons are invited to attend as visitors to any of our functions or meetings.
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NTARC is an affiliated club with the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)
Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio, a multifaceted and easy to learn communications hobby that is shared throughout the world, through which you can meet other like-minded people and have fun. It has become very diverse and is shared by three million people throughout the world from all walks of life.

It almost entirely involves the radio transmission communication between radio amateurs, using such communications methods such as voice, digital techniques, Morse code, pictures and video signals.

Amateur Radio has kept up with the times to remain an enjoyable leisure time activity enjoyed throughout the world. Solid-state equipment along with old home made analogue equipment is used to communicate globaly.

At the same time it has never been more accessible for the individual, male and female of all abilities, young or not so young, family members or workmates to become involved in this interesting hobby.

Amateur radio has played a important part in many emergencies world wide with a number of countries reconising that amateur radio has a vital part in an emergency situation.

If you are interested in becoming an ameteur radio operator or want to know more about this hobby please feel free to contact us.

Did you know that you use Morse Code on a daily basis?
Everytime you purchase an item using a scanable Barcode you are using Morse Code. The lines on a bar code both thick and thin are a derivitive of Morse code. By acciedent a morse code signal was smudged by a printer resulting the common bar code as we know and use today.
Amateur Radio